15 January 2017

Friday 17 February: Special Screening - Light Years

Pavilion Pictures is delighted to be able to add a very special film to our February schedule.

On Friday 17 February we will be showing 'Light Years', followed by a Q&A session with the director, BAFTA award-winning Esther May Campbell, daughter of Hemingford Grey residents Fran and Steve Williams.

We very much hope you will be able to join us for this fantastic opportunity to enjoy Esther's debut film, which had its premier at the Venice Film Festival.

The mystery of a fractured family's past is explored during one, long hot day when taking destiny into her own hands, the youngest, Rose, sets off through bewitching and liminal locations to search for her missing mother.

The odyssey triggers her elder anxious brother and sexually obsessed sister to leave their own comfort zones and head out to find her, colliding with ghostly characters and sensual situations that could easily distract them from finding the young Rose. All the while their disconnected parents sense the drama that magically unfolds between them all, until finally together they face their buried secrets and extraordinary legacy.

A giddy trip through England's edgelands Light Years conjures gorgeously subtle pieces of visual storytelling, poignant music and a strong sense of place, to offer a startling story of loss, hope and the deepest of human connections.

The film features the acting debut of acclaimed singer/songwriter Beth Orton, alongside acting veteran Muhammet Uzuner and a cast of young newcomers and circus performers. With recordings from Chris Watson and music by Constellation Records’ Eric Chenaux, the film was taken to premier at the Venice Film Festival.