19 March 2020


We are very sorry to say that all films at Pavilion Pictures are cancelled until further notice to avoid the risk of spreading Coronavirus. We look forward to opening again as soon as possible!

In the meantime, please follow all official advice about how to minimise the risk of catching Coronavirus.

Hemingford is renowned for its community spirit and we are delighted to see that efforts to offer support are being coordinated through the new 'Hemingford Hub'

If you need support during this difficult period or know someone that does, or you can lend a hand to the team of volunteers, please click here further details.

The Hub can offer practical help and advice as well as details of retailers that are now offering free delivery to those that need it.

Hemingford Hub contacts:
07308 035416

Also see the Hemingford Hub page on Facebook.

Thank you.

The Pavilion Pictures team.